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day two: favorite brotps [2/2]

The two of us have been down very similar roads. We were in the same cliques first. We both felt the same pressures; the same expectations. Our parents were like children, and we both grew into kind of bad versions of ourselves way too fast. So I think you know: I get it. […] Look, the thing is, you made your dream happen, alright? And even though I didn’t quite get there, when it was taken away from me I dealt with it alone. That was stupid, selfish, and wrong. So if your mom tries to take your dream away from you and you feel that same pain I did, I’ve sorta been there, okay? And I’m gonna be kind of pissed off if you don’t come talk to me about it.


That SMILE though



Because that’s it. That’s the show’s purpose. Not only the characters give hope to each other but the show itself gives hope to us. Because YES, they are fairytales, but at the end of the day they are not SO far way away from real life aren’t they? They experience difficulties, losses, pain and so we do. And it teaches us so many important lessons. That family is important; that sometimes you have to put others happiness first; that every end is a new beginning; that it’s never too late to change and fix previous mistakes.

idek if I make sense sorry I got emotional I LOVE THIS SHOW SO FREAKIN’ MUCH OK *sob*

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Hanna Marin - Mood Board


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[5/12] characters - Snow White

une vie pour une rose

Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.



It’s Prince George’s first birthday today and within a year he has already become better than all of us. Bow down.