you guys should stop making me want to watch new tv shows i’m supposed to live a life

Look, I could never forget about what happened that night…but trust me, I am the wrong horse for you to bet on. 

"you know this is all complicated, but you can have happiness."

The Launch of Zoella Beauty (The Most Exciting Night Ever)

I don’t care! I’ve had enough, I’ve seen enough, I want out, I want it to end, I don’t care anymore!


If we went down today, we’d probably be down for good.
                                          But now we have a chance to  s u r v i v e .  

this has been a Malia Tate/Hale hair porn appreciation gifset.

This battle may be over, but there will be others. Starting with getting my family’s company back.

Call my name and I’ll come running
                             ‘Cause I just need some h e l p